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The First Man With Wireless Camera Instead of Eye

| Technology | September 10, 2011

We come across all kinds of medical implants and prosthetics that can increase the lives individuals with certain health concerns, and talking about which, today we would like to expose you to Eyeborg.

Rob Spence, also called Eyeborg, missed his eye with the car accident, and after that, Rob has worked with all the team of engineers to produce a digital camera alternative to his lost eye. Together they’ve been able to transform an endoscope right working videocamera that’s placed inside of Rob’s eye socket. For this camera, it transfers the wireless video signal to some hand-held LCD viewer wirelessly, and Rob changes the camera by moving the magnetic in front of the camera. All this time, this camera is not attached to Rob’s brain, but some day researchers may find a method to do this.

Bionic eyes are still sometimes far away, but scientists feel that they’ll manage to connect bionic eye with a visual cortex someday and help many visually impaired world-wide.


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