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HTC Jetstream hits AT&T

| Tablets | September 6, 2011


Making plans for obtaining an (inconceivably expensive) HTC Jetstream? Of course, it simply slipped into AT&T’s web store a few days ago. For those who like to see some comparative standards before trading U.S. 700 dollars to get a 2 yr contract. Not really that it performed poorly actually, it raced neck-and-neck with Lenovo’s IdeaPad K1 — we simply like think graphs and additionally tables are cool. Videos too — hit the break to view individuals at HotHardware provide the 10″ slate a quick hands-on.


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Wicked Lasers’ S3 Krypton laser is bright enough to blind astronauts (video)

| Technology | September 6, 2011

wickedlasersShould you ever intend to lead a Ms powerpoint presentation forecasted on giant whitened board revolving about our planet (we’ll leave the logistics of that certain your decision) there’s just one laser pointer which will complete the job — Wicked Lasers’ S3 Krypton. The Guinness Record-pending pointer produces about 86 million lux and is visible from as much as 85 miles away, well past the fringe of our atmosphere. Obviously, at roughly 8,000-occasions the brightness from the Sun, serious safety safeguards are essential when operating the S3. Goggles really are a must (and bundled up using the handheld laser), while sensors along with a microprocessor regulate current to maintain the tube of aluminum from getting too hot with you. The very best finish model can be obtained let’s focus on $1,000 but, if blinding astronauts is not in your agenda, lower-powered versions can be purchased beginning at $300. Browse the video following the break.


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Pico Dolly Replaces Homemade Roller Skate

| Technology | September 5, 2011


Instead of perilously perching your DSLR on a skateboard in the name of movie, maybe it is time to supply in a great a little more stable — like the exceptionally affordable Pico Dolly. Machined from aluminum, this 3.5”, 3-pound dolly has wheels akin to those found on Roller blades, plus 3 screw mounts to connect the optional 11” resistance arm. The device can glide in a straight line or picture shoot in circles while taking up minimal room — incredible that video graphics using digital cameras like the A77 and E-P3 (or even the iPhone) can surely be grateful. Unlike its abstract twin, which currently costs U.S. 150 dollars and is not programmed to ship until in next month, the Pico Dolly can be had for U.S. 65 Dollars (or U.S. 90 Dollars if you want the friction arm integrated) and is programmed to ship by 12-09-2011. Check out the cinematic supporter in action after the break.


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Razer Launched Razor Blade Laptop

| Laptops | August 28, 2011

Razer Announces Razor Blade Laptop

It appears for many years that PC gaming has been facade on by using a thread. HP just lately closed their computer department, a number of gaming PC producers have gone belly up, there just has not been much wish. Maybe the hold is converting.

Razor launched the Razer Blade at PAX. The Razer Blade is a 17-inch gaming PC which would carry the latest technology Intel Core i7 processor chip, NVIDIA GeForce graphics processor, as well as the Switchblade Interface. The user interface is made up of ten adaptive responsive keys for better access of in-game commands, with an Lcd tv able to two modes: 1 mode that displays game details if a mouse is in use; and the second mode that capabilities like a, multitouch panel made for gaming on the go. THe User interface would also have pre-defined information for games as, Battlefield 3, Rift, End of Nations and League of Legends and more.

Razor Blade Specifications:

  • 2.8GHz Intel Core i7 2640M Processor
  • 8GB 1333MHz DDR3 Memory
  • 17.3- inch LED Backlit Display (1920×1080)
  • NVIDIA GeForce GT 555M with NVIDIA Optimus Technology
  • 2GB Dedicated GDDR5 Video Memory
  • Built-in HD Webcam
  • Integrated 60Wh Battery
  • 320GB 7200rpm SATA HDD
  • Wireless Network 802.11 b/g/n Compatible
  • 16.81? (Width) x 10.9? (Depth) x 0.88? (Height); 6.97lbs (Weight)

The laptop is scheduled to be launched in North America in Q4 2011, and is priced at $2799.99.



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Nokia ‘Sea Ray’ WP7 Phone Displayed

| Mobiles, Nokia | July 19, 2011


Stephen Elop themself leaking the beans about Nokia’s first WP7 phone, codenamed Ocean Ray, when he told a sizable live audience plus some whirring camcorders he wanted the telephone to become stored “super private.” We now have another puddle of beans laying on which seems like a Chinese factory floor, thanks to the authentic-searching video above. The clip discloses the N9-like device taken off what seems to become a stealth situation, then a fast boot-up in to the Home windows Phone OS. We are also treated to some quick consider the camera for action — triggered with a devoted shutter button that’s missing about the N9 — before a hurried “goodbye.” There isn’t anything else to determine here, but tend to that red theme be considered a hint this particular example is destined for Vodafone? Can be.

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