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Toshiba Acknowledges Thrive’s Sleep Addiction

| Tablets | July 19, 2011

Toshiba Acknowledges Thrive's Sleep Addiction

Has your Thrive been acting a lot more like sleeping beauty, and fewer such as the tablet you taken care of? Before starting on the mythical tale, whereupon you eventually find its more charming compatriot, know the aid of Toshiba is forthcoming: “We are conscious of the problem and therefore are focusing on a fix.” No further particulars on when it’ll land, or just what it’ll fix, but when you are anything like us, you are just happy it will not finish up where another Tosh tablet did — in eternal slumber.

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Toshiba tablet 3D Display

| Technology | May 18, 2011

Toshiba tablet 3D DisplayThe T-Mobile G-Slate could have a hop on the (red-colored and cyan) Toshiba 3d tablet market, but we are able to do better, even though walking past Toshiba’s SID 2011 setup, we might have discovered the slate from the future’s killer component: an 8-inch, glasses-free three dimensional display. Tablet sized? Yes, indeed. We could not obtain a Toshiba representative to confess the depth intelligent display was destined for any approaching products, but i was told the screen certainly “made sense” for any tablet device. The technology appears to become fashioned with a more compact form element in mind, because the firm cautioned that bigger versions from the screen, while possible, would suffer a drop in image quality. At 8-inches however, it’s mighty fine — although you will still may need to look on from the centered sweet-place to trap the three dimensional effect, a plague it explains to its glasses-free brethren. Take a look at our hands-on video (sans three dimensional, obviously) following the break.

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