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PC casemod comes with Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 inside

| Technology | September 19, 2011


Lots of people enjoy gaming on the home consoles or Computers, but you will find many debates regarding what gaming platform is the greatest. Should you can’t pick your preferred, why right simply cram all of the platforms right into a single situation?

Timofiend, an experienced modder, used his abilities and that he has handled to place Xbox 360 360 and The new sony Ps 3 right into a single PC situation, and when for you to do exactly the same, you’ll find instructions online. Based on the Timofiend, it’s not necessary to become a renovator to produce this casemod, but you’ll need Xbox 360 360 Slim 4GB and Ps 3 80GB model, so don’t be prepared to create this casemod inexpensively. For this casemod, it’s completely functional also it vehicle run both PS3 and Xbox 360 360 games with no problems.

This casemod looks great, and Timofiend did an incredible job, and hopefully at some point he may even cram a Manufacturers Wii into this situation therefore we might have all home consoles in a single situation.

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Newest Hybrid Gadget for Your Playstation3 By Hyperkin’s Remotext

| PlayStation, Technology | May 24, 2011

All-in-one products will always be interesting, and when you’re keen on all-in-one products and also you own a Ps 3, you may be thinking about the most recent device that originates from Hyperkin.

Hyperkin is focusing on a brand new all-in-one device known as  Hyperkin’s Remotext for PS3. It’s a hybrid device that mixes the energy of  remote, gamepad controller, along with a chatpad right into a single device. Remotext for PS3 includes a slide-out Blu-ray remote panel, Texting keyboard, along with a directional pad, two analog nubs and four standard gamepad buttons.


Although Hyperkin’s Remotext for PS3 sounds amazing, still it has its own defects and one of these simple defects is the lack of rear triggers. Bluetooth connectivity can also be absent, but fortunately, this product includes wireless USB receiver and rechargeable battery.

Hyperkin’s Remotext for PS3 is definitely an interesting hybrid tool and despite its defects, we can’t wait to determine it about this year’s E3.

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