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Sony Will Totally Restore Ps Network This Week

| Technology | July 6, 2011


So finally after 2 . 5 month of Ps Network down time because of the continuous hacking attacks in the famous cyber-terrorist group LuLzSec, The new sony now announcing that they will completely restore their network again for that world within this week, once they assure their government by again reactivating their service that it is now safe to experience and serve. According towards the hacking scenario and reviews, it’s reported that The new sony is presently dealing with FBI department to search lower and identify the cyber-terrorist of LuLzSec group. The number of cyber-terrorist stated they compromised in to the servers of The new sony and compromised its Ps Network for  customers.

It’s also reported that throughout hacking attacks about the data centers of The new sony, categories of hacker acquired the username and passwords in excess of 100 million Ps Network, acquired details are like “Credit Card Amounts, Address, along with other private information). Within the analysis report we discovered that number of cyber-terrorist LuLzSec had leased the Amazon’s Cloud servers to fight the Sony’s Ps Network

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Sony Raises The Latest Playstation 3 Slim in Japan

| PlayStation | June 25, 2011


The new sony just lately introduced their up-to-date Ps 3 Slim, that is stated to become a lot more efficient and it has several upgrades in the older PS3 Slim. The brand new PS3 Slim has become slimmer compared to older model (which makes it weigh an entire pound less at 5.7 pounds), and consumes a smaller amount energy at 200 W. The brand new slim plays every bit as good because the older one, however it feels much a lot more like a “slim” than before you are obtaining the same abilities just inside a lighter package. The PS3 Slim will still cost U.S 435 dollars (or 34,980 YEN) – for the time being you are able to only buy it having a 320GB hard disk.

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Sony Ericsson Xperia PlayStation Phone Gallery

| PlayStation | May 23, 2011

Sony Ericsson Xperia PlayStationIts been a lengthy watch for Ps fans, plenty of design concepts, whispers and speculations but The new sony Ericsson Xperia Play also known as ‘Playstation Phone’ was finally revealed within the United kingdom captured (among the worst stored secrets by The new sony). We’ve been sent one for review and as always here’s batch of photos in the end completely try out the legendary device itself.

Do provide us with a shout / contact for those who have any queries or any particular facet of the Xperia Play that you’d like us to create about.

Sony Ericsson Xperia PlayStation Phone Gallery:

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Ps Network Still Unsafe

| PlayStation | May 19, 2011

Ps Network Still UnsafeThe new sony Ps Network has another vulnerability. Whenever a bad-willing user has somebody’s current email address and birth date, he is able to alter the account’s password. It’s unknown the way the hack labored. However, the used ‘reset-tokens’ weren’t verified. The web site employed for this operation, is presently offline. It’s difficult to log into PSN sites, but customers can continue to sign in on their Ps 3 and PSP. Since last Sunday the service is gradually setting up.

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