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Lenovo intros 10.1-inch IdeaPad Tablet P1 with Windows 7

| Tablets | July 20, 2011

We all know, we all know — Home windows 8 is not splashing lower on consumer products for any good lengthy while, but seriously, how’s a boy to obtain looking forward to something that’s already old hat? And furthermore, something which hasn’t, ever exercised. Each and every Home windows 7 tablet that we have examined has experienced an identical fate: too bulky, too sluggish, not longevous enough and too hard to to use sans a keyboard and mouse. Nevertheless, Lenovo’s supplying a darkhorse selection for individuals bored with its duo of recent Honeycomb pills, using the IdeaPad Tablet P1 getting Home windows 7 right into a familiar 10.1-inch spend. Within, you will find single.5GHz Apple processor, a 1280 x 800 capacitive touchpanel, as much as 2GB of DDR2 memory, as much as 64GB of SSD storage, built-in Bluetooth / 3rd generation / Wi-fi compatability, a USB 2. connector, sd card slot along with a docking port.

You will also have an integrated 2 megapixel webcam in advance, support for stylus input as well as an enclosure that’s 14.5mm thick for perspective, the absolutely delectable Universe Tab 10.1 measures just 10.9mm all the way through. The business’s providing you with a choice of snagging this in silver-grey or “Clementine Orange,” the second which is clearly the leader within the race to awesome. The sealed two-cell battery is stated to become great for six hrs useful, in comparison towards the 8.7 hrs the same cell will get while located in the Android-powered K1. Lenovo’s not serving up prices particulars on that one at this time, however, you can anticipate not searching toward its Q4 2011 arrival.

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Nokia ‘Sea Ray’ WP7 Phone Displayed

| Mobiles, Nokia | July 19, 2011


Stephen Elop themself leaking the beans about Nokia’s first WP7 phone, codenamed Ocean Ray, when he told a sizable live audience plus some whirring camcorders he wanted the telephone to become stored “super private.” We now have another puddle of beans laying on which seems like a Chinese factory floor, thanks to the authentic-searching video above. The clip discloses the N9-like device taken off what seems to become a stealth situation, then a fast boot-up in to the Home windows Phone OS. We are also treated to some quick consider the camera for action — triggered with a devoted shutter button that’s missing about the N9 — before a hurried “goodbye.” There isn’t anything else to determine here, but tend to that red theme be considered a hint this particular example is destined for Vodafone? Can be.

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Microsoft Commands Japanese Video Gaming Section to Try, Try Again

| Technology | July 7, 2011

kinect-japanWorks out, the house of Mario and Sonic continues to be a difficult world to enter for Microsoft’s gaming division, despite its near-decade presence on the market. While homegrown Manufacturers and The new sony items receive a lot of the love and Yen, recently-hatched industry outsiders remain to look after themselves. Getting finally broached the a million mark in Japan because of its five-year-old console, MS is shifting the main focus to its Kinect launch failures. Not surprisingly, the entire-body motion control accessory has not jump-started its distance to as numerous Japanese hearts and homes because the Ballmer-brought company would really like, therefore it is shuffling when at its Japanese outpost to be able to spin the process a little in a different way. Introduced via press conference today, Takashi Sensui — former mind of the house and Entertainment division — will oversee the recently produced Interactive Entertainment Business division. Also within the works are a handful of very culturally-customized Insolvency practitioners for that Kinect platform: the Suda51-created Codename D along with a version of Steel Battalion from Capcom. Whatever caused by this restored push might be, it sure will not be lengthy before Microsoft reaches give Japan that old next generation college try. In the end, third time’s the charm.

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Samsung SUR40 For Microsoft Surface On Video

| Technology | May 29, 2011

Samsung_SUR40This is a video illustration showing the Samsung SUR40 for Microsoft Surface. Made to target specific industries for example retail, hospitality, automobile, health-care and financial, the unit includes all of the key options that come with the initial Surface product like a massive multitouch experience, a chance to recognize fingers, hands, and objects. The Samsung SUR40 for Microsoft Surface is really a fully-embedded PC having a hd 40-inch wide touch screen display, a couple.9GHz AMD Athlon II X2 Dual-Core processor, the AMD Radeon HD 6700M Series GPU as well as an embedded version of Home windows 7 Professional 64-bit having a Surface 2. SDK. The Samsung SUR40 is going to be obtainable in September 2011 in Singapore for approximately U.S 8600 dollars.

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