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Logitech LHD-PBGU2W Slim HDD 750GB

| Technology | May 29, 2011

logitech hdd slim

Here comes another slim portable hard disk from Logitec, the LHD-PBGU2W. Calculating 75.5mm x 115mm x 13mm and weighing 170 grams, this slim drive is outfitted having a 750GB of space for storage, a USB 2./1.1 connection interface along with a 5400 Revoltions per minute spindle speed. The LHD-PBGU2W sells for U.S 110 dollars.

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Toshiba StOR.E Hard Drives

| Technology | May 25, 2011

Toshiba-STOR.E-Edition-USB-3.0-External-Hard-Drives-1Toshiba hits back with a brand new type of USB 3. exterior hard disk drives known as the STOR.E Edition. Obtainable in three different storage capabilities: 500GB, 750GB and 1TB, these plug and play hard disk drives have a colored casing having a grooved texture, a USB 3. connection interface and therefore are pre-packed with Nero BackItUp & Burn Necessities software. Prices and release date continue to be unknown right now.

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