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Quadrocopters Reined in By Kinect Leash

| Technology | July 4, 2011


It looks like the individuals at the Flying Machine Industry are finally beginning to learn – those quadrocopters are sure to kill everyone. Thankfully, after teaching those to juggle and tap out some tunes, they arrived at their senses and set the flying machines with a Kinect controlled leash. Instead of flitting about autonomously, the four-rotored nightmares are directed using a puppeteer waving his hands. Motion is controlled with the right hand, while raising the left one tells the copter to complete a bit of flip for its master’s entertainment, as well as a commanding clap makes it sit down as being a good little pup. Moreover, if you do not have any arm waving instruction it simply hovers and waits until you tell it or else. On further notice, maybe we have not been creating your own murderers, but a fresh your furry friend – in the end, they do not eat much and cannot chew your controllers. Look at the video following the break.

Check it Video This is amazing technology



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