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Pico Dolly Replaces Homemade Roller Skate

| Technology | September 5, 2011


Instead of perilously perching your DSLR on a skateboard in the name of movie, maybe it is time to supply in a great a little more stable — like the exceptionally affordable Pico Dolly. Machined from aluminum, this 3.5”, 3-pound dolly has wheels akin to those found on Roller blades, plus 3 screw mounts to connect the optional 11” resistance arm. The device can glide in a straight line or picture shoot in circles while taking up minimal room — incredible that video graphics using digital cameras like the A77 and E-P3 (or even the iPhone) can surely be grateful. Unlike its abstract twin, which currently costs U.S. 150 dollars and is not programmed to ship until in next month, the Pico Dolly can be had for U.S. 65 Dollars (or U.S. 90 Dollars if you want the friction arm integrated) and is programmed to ship by 12-09-2011. Check out the cinematic supporter in action after the break.


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