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Motorola PRO Mobile

| Mobiles | September 12, 2011

Motorola PRO 3

In February, Motorola had a news release launching that this Motorola Pro was set to get to Europe. Following about the high heels with the French release recently, the Pro now looks that it’ll be around in the united kingdom by mid-late September. Officially referred to as Droid Pro, it’s being released in Europe because the Motorola Pro since the “Droid” name is normally connected to Android devices on Verizon Wireless.

With their US launch approaching the entire year mark, a 3.1 ” display screen, Gingerbread, and also a single-core processor, the Pro isn’t leading edge by any reach with the imagination. Exactly why is Motorola still set on releasing it provided that more professional cell phones are available? The simple answer is, the Pro includes a BlackBerry-like form factor, full QWERTY keyboard, which is a fantastic transition cell phone for traditional BlackBerry users taking their 1st step in to the Android world.

Although RIM is declining, they still maintain an 11.7% share with the worldwide cell phone market and that’s the region Motorola is targeting with all the Pro. Considering the number of cell phones that really represents, if Motorola could make any inroads in the European part of that market, the launch of the Pro might be a successful one indeed.

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