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Millenniata M-Disc will store your data forever

| Technology | August 25, 2011


Saving our data could be a difficulty since DVDs are not  that rugged, but luckily for many people, Millenniata has successfully developed the M-Disc, that lasts a lot more longer than other DVDs.

Based on Millenniata, the most recent technology M-Disc is the original ‘permanent disc’ also it can literally last forever. It’s made for business people, professional photographers, and all of users that want to keep and store their data properly. M-Disc provides long-lasting storage by saving computer data into rock like material that would not be scratched or easily broken like other DVDs. Additionally, M-Disc would not break down over time and it’ll be usable on regular basis which have no problems. As for dimensions, M-Disc currently can save 4.7GB computer data, but Millenniata is doing on Blu-ray version that should become available in somedays.

Regarding ordinary M-Disc, it will become available on October 2011 and it’ll cost at U.S. 2.99 Dollars. Obviously, there’ll be M-Disc 5-packs available for U.S. 13.89 dollars and M-Disc 10-packs for U.S. 26.59 dollars.



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