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Latest HTC Status Mobile

| Mobiles | July 3, 2011

htc status

The HTC Status (formerly referred to as ChaChaCha, the ChaCha, and “the Facebook phone that isn’t a Facebook phone”) is inching ever nearer to its AT&T debut. It’s recently been pictured, sashayed its way with the FCC, and today it has been revealed for the world to determine, properly enough, on Facebook. Once we were already aware this social media-focused, Texting candybar has already established its CPU knocked as much as 800MHz, but otherwise it is the same Sense and Gingerbread packing device we had in Feb. Regrettably, all we let you know would be that the Status will land on AT&T shelves sooner or later — cost and availability continue to be because a mysterious as always. There’s some refresher PR following the break. You can see that the latest HTC Status mobile Price in Pakistan and Specification. THen Click here.

HTC Status Mobile Video Review:



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