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Sony Vaio VPCCW1XGX/U Price in Pakistan

Sony Vaio VPCCW1XGX/U Price in Pakistan


Get Sony Vaio VPCCW1XGX/U Price in Pakistan. You will get the latest updated Price for Sony Vaio VPCCW1XGX/U here on For more information on Sony Vaio VPCCW1XGX/U see below.

Sony Vaio VPCCW1XGX/U Price in Pakistan Details:


Its all plastic however the build is nice, I’m able to contain the the new sony in one corner and never be worried about anything creaking or bending in. All trays, ports and components aren’t loose nor will they make sounds when you have used them (DVD tray not flimsy, secrets aren’t loosely attached). The only real bad factor I see is how the new sony place the Headset port, directly underneath part of the DVD drive. So, when you are done watching a film together with your headset on (loudspeakers not so noisy), the dvd tray jumps out however the type of the headset will get in the manner. So you need to pull the headset taken care of pre and post you load the brand new dvd. Other than the little annoyance everything else is excellent.

Screen quality: 3 from 5

As mentioned before, the viewing angles are terrible outdoors of sitting directly before it. You lose contrast, color and overall clearness if off position. But when you’re relaxing in front from it, colors are great, shades of black are dark, and also the screen still responds to color altering properly (no ghosting effect/ burn inches here)

Gaming use: 3.5 from 5

I acquired this factor for casual gaming, as with maybe 5-7 hrs per week. I’m able to play Assassin’s Creed, Long Way Away, NFS:professional street, Guild wars, WOW, Civ3 all on high with no snag (despite the fact that battery is only going to last 2 hrs). The fan kicks on each time a game title runs, although it doesn’t feel hot the noise is extremely noticeable. More current games like Crysis, BIA, GRAW2, or Battefield, are only able to operate on low configurations and reduced resolutions. That being stated, not really a hardcore gaming notebook, but could entertain the sporadic gamer.

Multimedia Use: 4 of every 5

The 500gb hard disk is ideal for pack rats. The loudspeakers might be even louder, but thats why they provide you with headphones using the the new sony. DVD burning and Compact disc burning comes standard because they other Computers do.

The drive moves at 5400rpm at 1.5mb/s that is average. But it’s fully accessible at the base via a tray (out of the box the memory, upgradeable as much as 8gb DDR3), when the bigger 640gb hard disk drive become available.

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