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SN330 – A hardware Firewall Price in Pakistan

SN330 – A hardware Firewall Price in Pakistan


Get SN330 – A hardware Firewall Price Price in Pakistan. You will get the latest updated Price for SN330 – A hardware Firewall Price here on For more information on SN330 – A hardware Firewall Price see below.

SN330 – A hardware Firewall Price Price in Pakistan Details:

The SN330 is a low cost, high performance, high security answer to the needs of the medium sized network. As you connect to the Internet you become exposed to increasing numbers of threats. A high speed, broadband, connection enables hackers and worms easy access to your internal network. A firewall is required to keep these threats out. The SN330 can also restrict the users of your internal LAN in the services they can access on the Internet.


  • Rackmount 2U profile;
  • Dimensions: 17inch front x 3 inch height x 13 inch depth;
  • Network Interfaces: 3 x 10/100 Ethernet adaptors;
  • CPU: 900MHz Processor;
  • Memory: 128MB Dual Data Rate 400MHz.


  • 3 ethernet ports, one may be used for the WAN, the others are user configurable.
  • Rackmount chassis, 100% Aluminium for superior strength, heat dissipation and protection of your investment.
  • Stateful Packet Inspection. This enables our firewall to stop many types of hacker attacks by ensuring that only packets sent in response to requests from the LAN are allowed in. Includes block/reject/pass rules.
  • DNS Caching. Improve performance and save on bandwidth. By caching recent DNS queries the SN330 improves overall POP, SMTP and HTTP performance.
  • NAT/PAT allows unlimited machines to be setup on your private network and to allow them to access the Internet, while ensuring that they are protected from the outside world. ·
  • VPN is a method of securely connecting 2 networks or several mobile clients to a network over the public Internet, by transparently encrypting all data transmission. IPsec VPN tunnels (IKE; with support for mobile clients) and PPTP VPN (with RADIUS server support) are both supported.
  • DMZ. Allows external users limited access to servers on your private network, without compromising security for the server or for other machines. Functionality includes ARP spoofing to allow a fully functional server to operate without hinderance from behind your firewall.
  • WiFi. Secure your wireless connection and prevent unauthorised access to your network.
  • Bandwidth management. Ensure that all users get access to bandwidth and no one user utilises excessive amounts of bandwidth. Optimise connectivity so as to fully utilise both uplink and downlink bandwidth at the same time.
  • DHCP. DHCP client and server are built in.
  • Web user interface for quicker configuration (supports SSL, you may change the port).
  • SNMP client allows graphs of traffic to be generated.
  • Logging to a syslog server.
  • Static routes.
  • PPPoE and PPTP support on the WAN interface.

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