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Samsung X820 Mobile Price in Pakistan

Samsung X820 Mobile Price in Pakistan


Get Samsung X820 Price in Pakistan. You will get the latest updated Price for Samsung X820 here on For more information on Samsung X820 see below.

Samsung X820 Price in Pakistan Details:

Samsung X820 MObile

The Samsung X820 is just one of Samsung’s Ultra number of superslim phones, and also at just 7mm thick it is the slimest from the Ultra series, and also the slimest mobile on the planet at launch! It is been beaten by its alternative – the Samsung U100.

An upswing from the superslim mobile started using the Motorola RAZR in 2004 at 14mm. Before this most mobiles were a minimum of 20mm thick, therefore the RAZR triggered a significant stir. The Motorola L6 changed the RAZR because the world’s slimest, just 11mm, and for some time the Samsung P300 was the slimest, at 9mm. Now comes the Samsung X820, pushing the limit even more – to half the thickness from the RAZR! All of this in only 2 yrs! The RAZR was greatly popular the L6 very popular, although with lacking a specs to become a large seller the P300 only agreed to be too strange to become mainstream however the X820 has what must be done to become a really popular phone. It will contend with another Ultra phones however, particularly the sliding Samsung D900.

Despite being so thin, the X820 feels solid enough (the casing is really slightly flexible – this stops the ultra-thin plastic from breaking) and it is nice to keep. A number of our customers are convinced that their X820’s have clicked in two within their back pockets, although we discover this tough to believe from what we view from the phone – it will require lots of abuse before nipping! The keyboard is big and incredibly simple to use, and also the overall styling is extremely nice. It’s worth observing that in addition to being the earth’s slimest phone, it is also the least heavy. This really is because of its small volume and using plastic rather than metal within the casing. It feels as light like a feather!

Now, not just have Samsung produced the earth’s slimest phone, but what’s equally amazing may be the specs from the phone. How on the planet have Samsung handled to bring along a lot in to the virtually non-existent space within the X820? First of all, there is a 2 megapixel camera. Although this can’t contend with the high quality phones from The new sony Ericsson or even the Nokia Nseries mobile phones, will still be a great camera for any phone and takes excellent pictures. The camcorder can also be excellent, having a high reolution of 355 x 288 pixels. Images and videos are displayed very nicely about the vibrant TFT display, that is large at 1.9 inches, handles 262k colours and it is high res.

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