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Motorola PEBL U6 Mobile Price in Pakistan

Motorola PEBL U6 Mobile Price in Pakistan


Get Motorola PEBL U6 Price in Pakistan. You will get the latest updated Price for Motorola PEBL U6 here on For more information on Motorola PEBL U6 see below.

Motorola PEBL U6 Price in Pakistan Details:

Motorola PEBL U6

Up to just a few years back, Motorola’s status largely hinged on its famous StarTAC mobile phone. Because the phone that totally changed the switch-phone form factor, the StarTAC made Motorola right into a major mobile phone player. Now, over time of creating a string of quality but mostly unremarkable mobiles, Motorola is again about the forefront of mobile phone design. Following about the heels from the ultrathin Motorola Razr and Slvr may be the ultrachic Motorola Pebl U6 for T-Mobile. Sporting a classy and incredibly soothing design, the Pebl is really striking it warrants to become named among the most attractive mobile phones available. Underneath the hood, it arrives with a generous selection of features, including Bluetooth, a speakerphone, and world phone support. I was wishing for any greater-resolution camera, and as with every of Motorola’s designcentric phones, we weren’t impressed using the controls, however the Pebl nevertheless is really a looker along with a solid artist. Be cautioned it’s costly at $299, and T-Mobile presently isn’t offering any service rebates.We aren’t fueling whenever we the Motorola Pebl is among the most adorable phones around. Formed like, well, a pebble, it’s clad in fundamental black and it is nicely trigger with a shiny metal hinge. We especially loved the oblong shape and also the rounded edges, and that we loved the textured feel from the rubbery casing. Climax relatively compact (3.4 by 1.9 by .8 inches 3.8 oz .), it features a solid heft when locked in the hands.

About the front from the mobile, you will find a distinctive vertical exterior display that shows time, battery existence, signal strength, and caller identification (where available). Climax monochrome and a little small, the rectangular shape complements the phone’s overall design. Still, we’d a few complaints. As you can alter the orientation from the caller identification text from left to right, the font dimensions are small and should not be changed. The display also doesn’t support picture ID, and also you can’t alter the backlighting time. Below the display may be the camera lens, even though we normally bemoan the possible lack of a expensive and self-portrait mirror, we’re more understanding this time around–the telephone is simply too pretty.

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