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Lenovo Think Pad T-400 (741721U) Price in Pakistan

Lenovo Think Pad T-400 (741721U) Price in Pakistan


Get Lenovo Think Pad T-400 (741721U) Price in Pakistan. You will get the latest updated Price for Lenovo Think Pad T-400 (741721U) here on For more information on Lenovo Think Pad T-400 (741721U) see below.

Lenovo Think Pad T-400 (741721U) Price in Pakistan Details:

Lenovo Think Pad T-400 (741721U)

The Lenovo ThinkPad T400 741721U Notebook is designed to enhance productivity and change the way you work.

To start with, they have 14.1″ widescreen shows which help to reduce energy consumption and provide better colors. Additionally, the notebook computers come outfitted with a variety of technology which includes DDR3 memory modules, DisplayPort technology along with a wider Touch pad for enhanced ergonomics.

Energy Efficiency

The brand new ThinkPad T Series has enhanced energy efficiency by a lot more than 30% over previous T Series, which increases your traveling with a laptop time. Hardware enhancements like LCD Backlight Shows and SSD drives use less battery energy and make less warmth. Switchable graphics allow you to proceed to lower quality graphics if you want to increase traveling with a laptop time. Additionally, when there’s no activity, the optical disk drive and audio auto change to a minimal energy condition. Combined with software improvements like the new Eco-friendly Energy Plan, Battery Stretch, and ThinkPad EnergySaver technology, the ThinkPad T Series allows you receive the most from your traveling with a laptop time.

Graphics Performance

New switchable graphics, LCD backlit shows, and DisplayPort technology features provide you with superior graphics performance in your ThinkPad T series. Get enhanced battery existence minimizing energy consumption than discrete graphics systems with ThinkPad T Series’ new switchable graphics feature. And do not worry switchable graphics are simple to use. You are able to hot key between Performance or Energy Saving graphics modes, or switch through the software interface. No reboot is needed to change modes, and something unified driver covers both discrete and integrated graphics. Whether you’ll need high-finish graphics support, in order to stretch your computing time, Switchable Graphics has you covered.

Wireless Performance

Obtain the best wireless performance with a number of connectivity options using the ThinkPad T Series. The brand new T Series now includes Special Broadband-ready, UltraWide Band Bluetooth, and WiMax-ready capacity. Special Broadband-ready capacity allows you connect with a special broadband network and switch to another company throughout the existence from the system. UltraWide Band allows you obvious cable clutter and release your USB ports through the use of Licensed Wireless USB technology. Employ this technology today, utilizing a wireless USB hub, and later on as wireless USB products become available. Finally, the brand new ThinkPad T Series is WiMax-ready to help you employ this emerging lengthy-range wireless broadband technology.

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