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Asus WL-566GM Wifi Router Price in Pakistan

Asus WL-566GM Wifi Router Price in Pakistan


Get Asus WL-566GM Wifi Router Price in Pakistan. You will get the latest updated Price for Asus WL-566GM Wifi Router here on For more information on Asus WL-566GM Wifi Router see below.

Asus WL-566GM Wifi Router Price in Pakistan Details:

When individuals discuss wi-fi they’re usually mentioning towards the standards referred to as 802.11b and 802.11g that can be used for wireless networking.

There is a new standard coming 802.11n arrives out sometime the coming year and promises considerably faster wireless transfer speeds compared to current 11Mbps (for 802.11b) and 54Mbps (for 802.11g).

But, as the official 802.11n standard has been formally ratified through the official physiques who formally decide may be, many producers took it upon themselves release a their very own super-fast wireless items within the interim.

One technique presently getting used to enhance wi-fi transfer speeds is MIMO, the technology behind the ASUS WL-566gM router.

MIMO means ‘multiple in multiple out’, meaning the unit has more antennae (three, actually) that may transmit and receive data concurrently to accelerate the procedure.

Asus claims the router can achieve theoretical speeds as high as 240 megabits per second (Megabyte per second), which the unit is capable of ‘actual throughput’ speeds as high as 100Mbps – just like a wired network.

Within our real-world test situation we never quite scaly these dizzy levels. Utilizing an Asus PC Card adaptor (WL-106gm) within our laptop, we accomplished sustained speeds close to 60Mbps although within the same room because the router, and transfers never dropped much under 55Mbps elsewhere throughout the house or garden.

It is not as fast as stated, but nonetheless pretty fast by anyone’s standards. Speeds were, however, substantially reduced when combined with other non-Asus wi-fi adaptors.

Enveloped in whitened and silver, the WL-566gM looks a bit wiser than your average networking hardware, although it’s a little about the large side.

It’s four electrical sockets for wired networking connections in addition to wireless networking. Individuals while using router along with other Asus 240 MIMO products (like the WL-106gm pointed out above) will discover that putting their network together is considerably simplified because of the EZSetup feature.

This can be a mixture of an application utility along with a button on the rear of the router that instantly creates your wireless network within a few clicks.

Essentially it’ll enhance your wi-fi connection speeds but you will need to replace your existing networking items to find the real benefit.


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