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3Com 3CR17572-91/3Com Switches Price in Pakistan

3Com 3CR17572-91/3Com Switches Price in Pakistan


Get 3Com 3CR17572-91/3Com Switches Price in Pakistan. You will get the latest updated Price for 3Com 3CR17572-91/3Com Switches here on For more information on 3Com 3CR17572-91/3Com Switches see below.

3Com 3CR17572-91/3Com Switches Price in Pakistan Details:


Standards: 802.1D (STP), 802.1p (CoS), 802.1Q (VLANs), 802.1w (RSTP), 802.1X (Security), 802.3 (Ethernet), 802.3ad (Link Aggregation), 802.3ab (1000BASE-T), 802.3i (10BASE-T), 802.3u (Fast Ethernet), 802.3x (Flow Control), 802.3z (Gigabit Ethernet) 802.3af (Power over Ethernet)

Ports: 48x 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX portsĀ 2 x dual-personality Gigabit port pairs

Speed: 10/100Mbps + 1000Mbps

MAC Address Table: 8,000 MAC addresses

Security: 802.1X user authentication: RADIUS authentication, multiple users per port by locking to the MAC address, automatic port assignment of VLANs, multiple RADIUS server realm definitions, (RADA): authenticate devices based on MAC address against RADIUS server, authenticate multiple devices per port, automatic assignment of VLANs to a port specific to the devices attached, PAP, CHAP, EAPoL authentication, for multiple users per port and 1,024 users per fabric, port-based MAC address lockdown using DUD with continuous learning, wirespeed packet filtering in hardware, Layer 2/3/4 ACL filters: source and/or destination MAC address, 16-bit Ethertype, source and/or destination, IP address, TCP source and/or destination port, UDP source and/or destination port, MD5 cipher-text authentication and clear-text authentication for RIP v2 packets and SNMP v3 traffic, trusted MAC and IP address, concurrent sessions; four access-privilege levels, 802.1X network administrator authentication, secure management via SSH v2.0 or SNMPv3, management activity logs automatically recorded for detailed analysis, administrative password recovery

V LAN Support: Yes

Power: AC Line Frequency: 50/60 Hz, Input Voltage: 90-240 VAC, Current Rating: 1.0A maximum

Dimensions: 17.3″ x 16.8″ x 1.7″

Weight: 7.3 lbs.


  • Performance: 13.6 Gbps forwarding bandwidth, 10.1 million packets per second
  • Stacking: Up to 8 switch units, 384 10/100 ports; Single IP address and management interfaces for stack-wide control
  • Layer 2: 802.1Q Port-based VLANs: 256, 802.3ad (LACP), Manual aggregation Trunk groups: 25 groups (50-port), 8 10/100 ports or 2 Gigabit ports per group, autonegotiation of port speed and duplex, 802.3x full-duplex flow control, back pressure flow control for half-duplex, 802.1D (STP), 802.1w (RSTP), BPDU protection included in Fast Start, Internet Group Management Protocol (IGMP) v1 and v2 snooping, IGMP Querier, filtering for 128 multicast groups
  • Layer 3: Hardware-based routing, static routes: 12 in addition to the default address, dynamic / static ARP entries : 1990 / 10, IP interfaces: 4, RIP, v1 and v2: 2K via default route plus 10 locally learned routes, IGMP v1 and v2 snooping, DHCP Relay: 2 KB max
  • Convergence: Eight hardware queues per port, 802.1p (CoS/QoS) on egress DSCP EF for prioritization of VoIP traffic, Weighted Round Robin, Egress rate limiting, port-based, Application and protocol blocking
  • Power over Ethernet: include IEEE 802.3af in-line power on all 10Base-T/100Base-TX ports and support redundant power supply (-48 VDC) connector
  • Operating system: 3Com Operating System; shared with 3Com Switch 8800, 7700 and Router 6000
  • Other management: CLI via the console port or Telnet, embedded web management interface, system configuration with SNMP v1, 2, and 3, RMON groups: statistics, history, alarm, and events, ACL/QoS statistics, comprehensive IP interface statistics and rates, 1-to-1 port mirroring, ability to apply QoS profile to mirror port, forwarding only certain traffic types and preventing oversubscription of copy port, detailed alarm/debug information, supports ping and traceroute, backup and restore of software image, network debugging tools: DHCP Relay, UDP Helper, multiple configuration file support, Xmodem, FTP, TFTP

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