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Intel Making Latest Sandy Bridge Processor Chips

| Technology | May 23, 2011


Intel is focusing on three new ULV (Ultra Low Current) Sandy Bridge processors which will most likely be launched later this season based on CPU World.

These new processors have elevated clock speed in comparison to the present ULV Sandy Bridge processors. Obtaining a boost from 1.4-1.6 GHz to at least one.7-1.8 GHz, this can be a pretty large improvement because the TDP (Thermal Design Energy) is stored at 17 W. Why is the TDP essential? It’s among the keystones in Apple’s capability to fit effective processors to their super thin Mac laptop Air.

Even though boost might not appear large in the amounts, these new processors are now able to achieve accelerates to two.7-2.9 GHz because of turbo boost. Here are the brand new processors:


You might be preparing some money to find the new Mac laptop Air with one of these processors, but do not hold your breath. There haven’t been official bulletins yet only whispers.


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