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How would you change Nokia’s E7?

| Mobiles | July 18, 2011


Tough to believe the final great Communicator was released but a couple of several weeks back, huh? Within the time since, Nokia has presented here the very first picture of its forthcoming WP7 phone, folded the MeeGo-based N9 and showed off the dev-only N950. Nevertheless, Symbian’s still declaring an astounding bit of the marketplace from the global perspective, and despite the fact that Elop and co. have largely quit onto it for his or her future mobile phones, we are pretty certain a minimum of a couple of individuals sprung for that oh-so-gorgeous E7. So, since you have were built with a couple of several weeks to place it through its paces, what say you? Can you alter the keyboard by any means? Is the fact that panel dense enough for you personally? Can you have preferred another OS? How’s in regards to a non-EDoF camera? Shoot the breeze lower in comments below, but let us ensure that it stays civil, okay? It’s Sunday, in the end.

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