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Handroid: A softer Robotic Hand Video

| Technology | August 25, 2011


A lot of robotic hands are made using a few individual machines in each shared, which makes them heavy, expensive and at risk from gripping everything with all the subtlety of a vice. Japan’s ITK thinks it is solve people issues with Handroid — built with wires that copy the muscles inside our meat-paws. No motors mean it is lighter compared to standard Terminator design, and it is managed using a glove that allows it to reflect the operator’s movement in fact. ITK would like to sell Handroid for your high price of U.S. 6500 Dollars by 2013 to use in environments too dangerous for humans, but as it’s so light and high price it can also see use like a medical prosthesis. Watch it that how this device works in this Video.



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