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Fuel Cells From Electric Cars

| Technology | September 12, 2011

Cars have superior so much in the yrs, now, cars can operate on wine, cheese, and chocolate off cuts, but that’s not all. Based on the latest reports, cars would be prepared to run on sewage likewise.

Based on the latest research, sewage can be utilized to power hydrogen cells in electric cars, and these are which, this method is definitely going on in Orange County sewage treatment plant where fuel cell-powered cars are filled up by utilizing methane generated by wastewater. A lot of the hydrogen that’s generated with this process will be familiar with power the plant while smaller part is going to be sent to the fueling station for open public use. You should definitely quantity of powered cars; this station should certainly switch on to 25 to 50 fuel-cell electric vehicles every day.

As you have seen, this method sounds great, but we question will other sewage treatment plants accept this process someday later on?

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