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Element5’s Mini L Solarbag Brings Eco Friendly Energy

| Technology | July 10, 2011


Present day photo voltaic bags tend to be more about looks than utility — the power conversions on individuals things aren’t exactly jaw-shedding — but when it comes down from a generic satchel and something that’s Ma Earth-approved, well… guess what happens to complete. Element5’s Swiss Made Small L Solarbag is customized to suit your iDevice of preference, but it is fairly apparent the iPad line is going to be most in your own home here. We are speculating the company’s going for a couple of protections with this “small miracle” tagline, and that we aren’t exactly thrilled with the possible lack of information surrounding charging time, but individuals who value form over function could possibly get their order in now for 348 Swiss Franc (or U.S. 412 dollars in actual money).

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