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EDWARD: The Latest, Relatively Unusual Eco-Friendly Vehicle

| Technology | June 14, 2011

edwardIf you are searching for a brand new and exciting eco-friendly method to commute to operate you may be thinking about the most recent vehicle produced by mechanical engineering students in the College of Adelaide.

This new eco-friendly vehicle is known as Electric Diwheel With Active Rotation Damping or just EDWARD, which is utilizing the same idea like a monowheel, but unlike the monowheel, EDWARD has two wheels that enables the motive force to maintain balance whatsoever occasions. Additionally, EDWARD is capable of doing gerbiling effect therefore the driver can certainly rock backwards and forwards throughout hard stopping or fast acceleration. Obviously, the study team behind EDWARD continues to be spending so much time to be able to minimize this by utilizing built-in dynamic lateral stability and slosh control. Because of these functions you may also drive EDWARD upside lower, but you may also turn these functions off should you not fancy that.

EDWARD is a unusual searching device for commuting, we’re unsure if we’ll ever check this out vehicle about the roads.



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