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Digital Storm Cryo-TEC Cooling System

| Technology | August 28, 2011


Digital Storm has happily introduced the brand new Cryo-TEC Air Conditioning. In line with the Sub-Zero Liquid Chilled system produced by Digital Storm that chills liquid below 0°C, this remodeled version is more compact, more effective and utilizes direct contact warmth dissipation technology. The brand new and enhanced Cryo-TEC air conditioning from Digital Storm is really a radical step forward in cooling technology. The Cryo-TEC system utilizes exactly the same thermo-electric technology as Digital Storm’s previous generation Sub-Zero Liquid Chilled system. By placing the processor in direct connection with the thermo-electric cold plate, the Cryo-TEC product is more effective in reducing processor temps below 0°C and growing over clocking performance. Digital Storm Cryo-TEC Air Conditioning is listed at U.S, 3968 upwards.


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