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Dell XPS 15z Arriving Tomorrow to Get U.S 999 Dollars?

| Dell | May 23, 2011

dell xpzThe slimest 15″ laptop “in the worldInch is originating tomorrow, costing a measly U.S 999 dollars, based on the Wall Street Journal. Inside a profile of Dell’s the recent past and forth-coming plans within the electronic devices market, the financial paper two times refers for an ultrathin, U.S 999 dollars laptop that’s set to produce on Tuesday of the week. Pairing that Intel using the abundance of leaks surrounding the slinky 15.6″ XPS 15z — including a Michael Dell tweet promising it’s “not far offInch — leads us towards the conclusion that we have finally become ahold from the cost and date for Dell’s next large factor. Oddly enough enough, the WSJ article continues to express that Dell had canned an identical group of slim laptops earlier around, that might provide us with greater expect the standard from the 15z — it made it where others did not.

Other reports within the piece incorporate a quote from Michael Dell, stating that he “did not completely see” the tablet boom coming, that might explain why sales of his company’s Streak pills happen to be low enough to become referred to as “immaterial.” Gleam discussion from the abortive Zing music service and related Audio players that never were, but you will need to hit the origin link to explore them.


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  1. when it launched in pakistan (karachi) ??

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