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Curtis Boirum’s Robotic Car Makes Omnidirectional

| Technology | July 10, 2011

hemisphere-wheelLet’s be honest: you might have perhaps never met a hemispherical omnidirectional gimbaled wheel that you really did not like. Neither has Curtis Boirum, a grad student at Bradley University. The aforesaid whiz kid has build the single most visually stunning robots we have seen in a few time, although the frame itself is absolutely nothing to get hot and bothered about, the motion capabilities absolutely are. The facts is based on the black rubber hemisphere, which rotates just like a top and is equipped with servos that have the ability to tilt the complete system left / right / forwards / backwards. What is wild is simply how quickly those changes happen — something informs us that whole “on a dime” thing was created to be played with right here. Head on past the break for video proof.

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