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BlackBerry 7 OS Leaks Out

| Technology | May 26, 2011

blackberryRim OS 7 is moving out soon. Its been stated and today leaked.

Rim continues to be recognized to produce phones for business encircled customers, RIM formerly asserted that their OS 6.1 is going to be missing from future products which provides further support to the leak of the new OS 7 not far off.

Lately, RIM folded out its latest Rim Messenger (BBM) which received a great response from the customers. Since generation x of Rim products are nearer to their launch dates, it will likely be apparent for Rim to upgrade their OS to some more recent version.

You are able to download the leaked OS 7…100 file here, and do the installation for your own personel enjoyment.

Do stay updated around as we are going further involved with it.


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