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2011 MacBook Pro Gets Updated With Faster SATA

| Technology | June 9, 2011

macbook-pro-februaryFor those who have lately bought your 2011 Mac laptop Professional, you can look at laptops as “version 2?.  The 2011 version only agreed to be up-to-date behind the curtain having a SATA 3. port within the optical bay.  It is really an upgrade in comparison to some SATA 2. port in early models.  Should you be quick to buy your 2011 MBP, you may be tied to a reduced SATA 2. connection.  The exact date that Apple switched from 2. to three. is unclear.  As the switch was initially found about the other day, some reviews indicate that Megabyte per second bought several days ago are outfitted using the faster connection.

Exactly what does this suggest?  Not much else!  Optical drive speeds would be the same.  The only real people impacted by this transformation are individuals who put another hard disk for the reason that bay.  Within this situation, hard disk speed is going to be considerably faster.  To be precise, the SATA 2. port shipped 3
Gbps.  The SATA 3. ports now supply to six Gbps, that is double the amount speed!

To discover in case your MBP has SATA 2. or 3. within the optical bay, adopt these measures:  Visit Programs > Utilities > System Profiler.  Choose Serial-ATA within the sidebar, and look for the hyperlink speed.  Again, there won’t be any difference unless of course you’ve another hard disk connected towards the port, classified under RAID .

For those who have a 2011 Mac laptop Professional, leave a comment saying if you’re getting 3 Gbps or 6 Gbps.


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